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We use top of the line sealers and sand to increase the longevity of our product.

Our sealcoating process begins with the preparation of the asphalt to be coated. This often involves removing vegetation from the edges with a string trimmer. The cracks, if any, are then blown out with high pressure air followed by blowing off the entire lot or driveway. The next step is the crack filling. We use a Dura-Fill brand hot applied crack filler. With its high softening point, which reduces tracking, this product is specially formulated and ideally suited for parking lot and driveway use. I have found this product to best withstand the continual heaving and settling of asphalt that comes along with the western Pennsylvania winters. Once the crack filling is completed the sealer is applied. Again we use a high grade top of the line product. Our SealPave brand sealer, mixed with a healthy amount of sand for traction and wear reduction, will greatly reduce the weathering effects of the sun, water and petroleum contaminates.

In a commercial setting our sealer is generally sprayed on. In residential settings a brush on application is often recommended. While a little more pricey, because of the extra time and material involved, we’ve found that the life of the sealer is greatly increased with the brush on application. In an average residential driveway the cost difference between the brush on and spray on application is normally minimal while the benefits are substantial. Whichever application process is chosen, great care is taken to be neat. Once the sealer has dried any line striping can be completed.

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